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Gone Service Oriented Architecting…

February 24, 2013

In the first week of February 2013 I attended the week long IDesign Architecture Clinic. The instructor, Michael “Monty” Montgomery (an IDesign Master Architect), did an excellent job.  This is the second IDesign Service Oriented Architecture class I’ve taken.  In November of 2012 I took the week long Architects Master Class taught by Juval Lowy, the owner of the IDesign architectural consulting firm, a Master Architect of over 20 years, and widely known expert in distributed systems. I highly recommend both these IDesign classes.  Learn more at the following links:

While the Architects Master Class is about concepts, the Architecture Clinic puts those concepts into practice.  A week is spent under the guidance of the Master Architect instructor who has the students use the IDesign “Method” to design several Service Oriented architectures from requirements.  The IDesign “Method” is a systematic procedure of translating business requirements into a decoupled service oriented architectural design, complete with “just enough” documentation to facilitate subsequent detailed design and implementation. 

Back home after completing the class I used the IDesign Method on a homework assignment, completely on my own.  I am really impressed with it!  It takes the “paralysis by analysis” out of design, leading one through exactly the steps required to produce a well factored, decoupled Service Oriented architecture.  And, I might add, one that is scalable and cost effectively extensible.  The straight forward architectural design tool provided by IDesign is effective, making the whole design proccess fun.  And the scope of the systems that can be architected is very large — enterprise wide, and encompassing the Cloud if required.   Quite impressive!

This experience has inspired me to work with the IDesign Method more, and to build some vertical slices of my architectures with WCF.  Thus, I’m devoting my blogging time to this endeavor during February and March at least.   I’ll resume my normal monthly blogging in April or May 2013. 

Stay tuned for more about .NET, Silverlight, Prism, software structure, and Service Oriented Architecture later this spring.

George Stevens
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