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.NET Managed Extensiibility Framework: Helpful Info Sources

April 17, 2013

In late 2011 I used some of the .Net Managed Extensibility Framework’s (MEF) capabilities on a short Silverlight/Prism project.  For the last 2 weeks I’ve been up to my ears in using a lot more MEF in WPF and WCF. Here are a few really helpful information sources I’ve found.

A very useful and professional tutorial, complete with simple code examples:

The Microsoft documentation for MEF on CodePlex is really well done:

I also found that Jeremy Likness has lots of good stuff on MEF in past blogs, an online course, and a great chapter in his book Designing Silverlight Business Applications, along with code examples.

After successfully working with MEF for the past 2 weeks, using it mainly to extend an app (as opposed to using it as for Dependency Injection), I really like it. It is farily easy to learn, easy to use, and quite powerful.  MEF gives you a lot of options. It also lets you release an export when done with it so the exported object won’t cause memory leaks due to the MEF container holding a reference to it.

I hope you find these sources as helpful as I did.  Have fun “Meffing around”!

George Stevens

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