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Learning AngularJS: More Helpful Info Sources

September 29, 2013

Since I’m short on time right now due to being involved in a couple of fascinating software projects, I’m going to have a short article this month.  Since posting last month’s article concerning helpful Angular Learning Sources, a couple more good sources have appeared.  Both are from Jeremy Likness’ blog “C#er Image”, as follows:

1.  His post of 9-19-2013 “10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS” passes on the knowledge Jeremy has gained from working on a substantial multi-person new development project using AngularJS with TypeScript.  It’s not often you get such timely information on an emerging technology from a seasoned professional practitioner in that technology.   Don’t miss this one!

2.  Jeremy’s post of 9-9-2012 “Synergy Between Services and Directives in AngularJS” demonstrates not only this topic, but also how a TypeScript interface can be used to decouple software parts from each other (i.e. program to an interface rather than an implementation) in AngualrJS.

Thanks to Jeremy Likness for taking the time to write such useful articles.

George Stevens

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