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Happy 2nd Anniversery, Blog

January 1, 2014

This month, January 2014, is the 2nd anniversary of my software development blog.  Over the past 2 years I’ve posted a lot of articles, and learned a lot about technology, writing and blogging. My goal is to post a “hopefully helpful” article once a month, which I’ve mostly met.

The reasons I blog:

* I read lots of blogs, especially when learning new technologies or solving problems.  It is amazing how much “googling” various topics has changed the way we do software engineering.  So in order to “give back” a little to the software development webosphere I put in my 2 cents worth each month.

* I like writing, and blogging gives me chance to do it, and to refine my writing skills.

* And last, but not least, I blog for professional identity — Here is what George the Senior Software Engineer cares enough to write about, spending a non-trivial amount of time on it each month.  It usually takes me 2 to 4 hours to write an article, edit it, and post it on WordPress, not including the time it takes to develop the code that the article is about.  However, a few of my blogs have taken much, much longer.

The 2 most viewed articles in my blog are as follows:

Over the past 2 years the most popular article, by far, has been the one on “A WCF Proxy from Scratch:….” posted in June 2012.  There is a great thirst for knowledge on this topic.  It is usually near the top of the list of views each week, if not at the top.

The next most popular article was posted in January 2013 about INotifyDataErrorInfo, the user input data validation interface for Silverlight and WPF.  It is often the top article each week.  This interface was introduced into WPF in .NET 4.5 after having been in Silverlight for a year or more prior to .NET 4.5.

I mainly blog about things I think will be helpful and immediately understandable to a lot of developers, and sometimes which I’m involved in as the monthly blog deadline approaches.

I hope you’ve benefited from this blog as much as I have.  Why not start your own software blog and share your knowledge with us?

George Stevens
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