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Introducing the “SO Apps” Series of Blog Articles and Code Examples

May 12, 2015

Welcome to the Service Oriented Applications (SO Apps) series of blog articles. This series seeks to explore what SO Apps are, their benefits, plus effective techniques for building them, in blog sized code examples. My top goals for the SO Apps series are:

  • Use simple “code skeleton” examples to explore various concepts, i.e. avoid dealing with business logic to focus on overall app structure, infrastructure, etc. required to productively build solid SO Apps.
  • Explore developing apps that can operate in different environments, namely Azure, the on-prem data center, plus hybrid and IoT apps that span several environments. And how to best use the microservices concept.
  • Use good separation of concerns at all levels to make coding more fun with less widespread, intense refactoring. And reducing time to market and costs as well.
  • Explore the use of messaging (queues, pub/subs, etc.) in service oriented apps.
  • Identify and demonstrate the use of productivity enhancing techniques (e.g. SOLID) and libraries.

To facilitate the SO Apps series I’ve started a personal GitHub account that contains code examples for each blog article. Please visit to see the code for the first article in the series.  The first article is “SO Apps 1, WcfNQueueSMEx – WCF NetMessagingBinding In-Azure and On-Prem“.

I hope you find exploring this topic as useful as I have.

George Stevens
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