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Best Practices for Azure Software Development

June 30, 2018

Developing software in the cloud requires a completely new mind-set from that typically used in on-prem development.  Effective cloud software development must allow for the following, to mention a few:

  • A relatively high rate of failure that you must learn to embrace, much of it from transient faults.
  • Eventual consistency is much more common.
  • Using new security models, i.e. in the cloud identity becomes the primary boundary rather than “the network” as in on-prem systems.
  • The cloud’s ability to support software systems of a truly vast scale due to the lower cost of cloud compute and storage, plus the broad global reach of cloud networks and data centers. Dealing with global scale systems requires a new mind-set all by itself.

The details of exactly how and why software architecture and development for the cloud require a completely different mind-set are very well presented in the Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications video series by Jeffery Richter.  The first few minutes of this video series summarize the new mind-set required, and are well worth watching.  I consider the remainder of the video that presents the details a “must watch” for people serious about developing high quality cloud based software.

Using best practices in developing software typically produces best results, reducing both the amount of rework required and the number and severity of bugs. While the above video will get you going, this blog aims at presenting links to a lot of the best practices for developing software in Azure.  These links are listed below, along with related links, aimed at giving you an easy way to see exactly what information is available and then a way get to that information with a click.

In addition to the below info sources on Azure Best Practices it often pays off to search for best practices for any narrowly scoped area of interest to you.  For example “Azure Table Storage Best Practices” yields some great material in the first 10 items returned, as does “Azure SQL Best Practices”.

Azure security best practices and patterns — An excellent wide ranging catalog of security best practices.

Azure architecture center  — This is a particularly rich area for best practices, plus other information aimed at aiding your transition from “on-prem” thinking to cloud thinking.

Best Practices

Azure Cloud Adoption Guide

Application Architecture Guide

Data Architecture Guide

Reference Architectures

Cloud Design Patterns

Performance Antipatterns

Design Review Checklists

Design for Resiliency

Scenario guides


I hope you find the above links as useful as I have.

George Stevens
Software Architect, Sr. Software Engineer at Solid Value Software, LLC.

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