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Have you ever wondered what a 10 foot high perfect wave looks like? Beauty and power! Imagine what its like riding that wave as it peels down the reef for 100, maybe 200, yards! Sometimes inside the tube, other times not. All the while pursued by the liquid thunder of the wave exploding on the reef behind you.

The photo shows the exquisite waves of the Money Trees section of the reef at the famous G-Land surfing break, aka Grajagan.  G-Land is located on the remote southeast tip of Java, Indonesia.  Thanks to G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp for granting me permission to use this photo —— and for being wonderful hosts on my surf trips to this most enchanting part of the planet.  Bobby’s surf camp is nestled at the edge of the dense tropical jungle, along the lagoon formed by the outside reef upon which these amazing waves explode, 100 yards away.

About George Stevens:

I feel very fortunate to be a software architect and developer in these fascinating times of the build out of Service Oriented Architecture,  the rise of Cloud Computing, the emergence of the Internet of Things, with UX becoming a key competitive differentiator, and the rise of mobile devices and their Natural User Interfaces (NUIs).

I am a Technology Explorer, Software Architect (trained in the IDesign Method Architecture and Project Design), and Senior Software Engineer with decades of experience.  Please see my LinkedIn Profile for more information:

I work as a consulting software architect on a per project basis for Solid Value Software, LLC.

About this Blog:

George Stevens’ Software Development Blog features occasional articles about technologies and techniques in Service Oriented Apps, Software Architecture, Microservices, Distributed Systems, Microsoft’s .NET, WCF, Azure, and UI technologies such as Angular, Silverlight and Prism.  Most articles are aimed at making code easier to write and understand, less expensive and with a faster time-to-market, simpler to use, more powerful, more productive (doing more with less), and to keep you informed about useful technology information sources.  I hope you find the articles useful.

The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and in no way do they reflect the positions of my employers, my clients, nor advertisers.

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  1. Paul permalink

    Can’t wait to read more!

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